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We Knowuro

As physicians time is precious, and we spend a big part of it searching for information. Time away from caring for patients, or learning about the latest trials. While studying for the board and FEBU exams, Inês felt she needed a more efficient study tool. So we made one.

Starting the journey with Urology: the last review, we will continue publishing learning tools. We started Knowuro with a mission to help Urologists focus on what matters. Our learning materials are compact, efficient, beautiful, and made for Urologists.

It is our honor to be your companion while studying and on the ward. Contact us if you have any feedback!

Inês Santiago, MD, FEBU

Founder, writer, social-media

João Santiago, MD, PhD

Editor, operations, technology


In the 2023 DGU congress, Inês was awarded the Alexander von Lichtenberg Prize for her prototype of a digital platform for urologists combining the Knowuro flowcharts, with oncological follow-up schedules. She's the second from the left in the picture below.