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Urology: The last review 2023

Your last push before the exam

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Author: Inês Santiago, MD, FEBU

ISBN: 978-3-9825489-0-6

Publisher: Knowuro

Softcover, glued

224 pages

Size: 21 x 28 cm

Language: English

Released: June 2023

Printed in Germany

Fully revised with the 2023 EAU Guidelines and feedback from our readers, a brand-new design, and welcoming two new reviewers: Dr. Benjamin Pradere and Dr. Juan Gómez Rivas.

Urology: the last review is a peer-reviewed study book for Urology board exams and Fellow of the European Board of Urology (FEBU). It condenses information from the 2023 EAU Guidelines, ESMO Guidelines and various classic textbooks, focusing on what you must really know. Thus, it is best used for rapid revision — you can read most chapters in 10 to 20 minutes — and not as your starting point for studying Urology. In addition to the text, you'll find hand-drawn, color illustrations and flowcharts, as well as links to publicly available imaging resources and videos. Finally, to further help you study, each chapter ends with true or false questions.

Spread for the incontinence chapter showing a bursted kidney. The first pages of the pediatrics chapter showing text, some illustrations and QR codes on the bottom. A flowchart representation of the testicular cancer EAU Guidelines.

Peer-reviewed by European experts

Alexandra Masson-Lecomte, MD, PhD
Paris, France

Anne-Françoise Spinoit, MD, PhD, FEBU, FEAPU
Ghent, Belgium

Amelia Pietropaolo, MD, FEBU
Southampton, United Kingdom

Benjamin Pradere, MD, MSc
Toulouse, France

Estefanía Linares-Espinós, MD, PhD, FEBU
Madrid, Spain

Eva Erne, MD, FEBU
Tübingen, Germany

Juan Gómez Rivas, MD, PHD, FEBU
Madrid, Spain

M. Carmen Mir, MD, PhD, FEBU
Valencia, Spain

Marie Aimée Perrouin-Verbe, MD, PhD
Nantes, France

Marjan Waterloos, MD, FEBU
Ghent, Belgium

Marta Almeida Ferreira, MD
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Mireia Musquera, MD, PhD
Barcelona, Spain

Miriam Hegemann, MD, FEBU
Sindelfingen, Germany

Odunayo Kalejaiye, MD
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Pilar Laguna, MD, PhD, FEBU
Istanbul, Turkey

Susanne Deininger, MD, FEBU
Salzburg, Austria

Book contents

The contents spread showing the chapter titles and the corresponding page number.
Chapters cover topics such as epidemiology, risk factors and end with true/false questions.
  • Pediatric Urology
    Kidney anomalies • Polycystic Kidney Disease • Anomalies of the renal pelvis, calyces and collecting tubes • Ureteral anomalies • Abnormal Sexual Differentiation • Genital Anomalies • Urethral anomalies • Bladder anomalies • Questions
  • Incontinence and Neurourology
    Urinary incontinence • Neurourology • Neurospinal Dysraphism • Overactive bladder • Detrusor underactivity • Physiology of Micturition • Questions
  • Endocrinology: Adrenal gland
    Anatomy • Overview of adrenal histology • Physiology • Primary Aldosteronism • Hypercortisolism • Pheochromocytoma • Adrenal Carcinoma • Adenoma • Questions
  • Urogenital Infections
    Uncomplicated cystitis • Cystitis in pregnancy and men • Uncomplicated pyelonephritis • Asymptomatic bacteriuria • Urosepsis • Unresolved UTIs • Recurrent UTIs • Interstitial Cystitis • UTI in neuro-patients • Acute infective epididymitis • Fournier's Gangrene • Epididymitis (pediatric) • Acute Scrotum • Prostatitis • Urethritis • Balanoposthitis/ Balanitis • UTI in children • Renal infections in pregnancy • Renal Echinococcosis • Schistosomiasis • Urogenital tuberculosis (renal) • Syphilis • Condyloma acuminatum • Questions
  • Urological Trauma
    Renal trauma • Ureteral trauma • Bladder trauma • Urethral trauma • Testicular trauma • Penile trauma • Genital skin loss/lesion • Questions
  • Urolithiasis
    Risk factors • Diagnosis • Management • Metaphylaxis • Bladder stones • Questions
  • Andrology and Infertility
    Erectile dysfunction • Priapism • Penile curvature • Male hypogonadism • Male infertility • Physiology of penile erection • Questions
  • Subvesical Obstruction
    Benign prostatic hyperplasia • Urethral stricture • Questions
  • Renal Transplantation
    Introduction • Surgical Technique • Surgical Complications • Immunosuppression • Immunological complications • Infections • Questions
  • Prostate Cancer
    Epidemiology • Diagnostic tools • Treatment options • Questions • Flowchart
  • Bladder Cancer
    Epidemiology • Diagnostic tools • Treatment options NMIBC • Treatment option MIBC • Treatment options metastatic disease • Variant histology groups • BCG-related side-effects • Questions • Flowchart
  • Upper Urinary Tract Carcinoma
    Epidemiology and Risk factors • Diagnostic tools • Treatment options • Questions • Flowchart
  • Urethral Cancer
    Epidemiology • Diagnostic tools • Treatment options • Questions • Flowchart
  • Renal Cell Carcinoma
    Epidemiology • Diagnostic tools • Treatment options • Follow-up • Flowchart • Other renal tumors • Questions
  • Testicular Cancer
    Epidemiology • Diagnostic tools • Treatment options • Other testicular tumors • Treatment discussion seminoma stage-I • Questions • Flowchart
  • Penile Cancer
    Epidemiology • Diagnostic tools • Treatment options • Questions • Flowchart

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