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We love paper books, but sometimes reading on your phone or tablet is just more convenient. For those moments, we made the Knowuro reader app.

Subscribing and downloading the app gives you:

  • Access to all Urology: the last review updates
  • Full-text search
  • Early access to future Knowuro books
  • Buy digital versions at discounted prices
  • Always up-to-date text
  • Exclusive digital features and extra content
  • Works without internet connection
  • Pause subscription anytime

The Knowuro reader keeps your books always up-to-date (no more checking erratas!), including new editions of books you previously purchased. Additionally, we tailor the content and features of each digital book to make the best of the technology. Features such as full-text search will make it a breeze to quickly check your book while on the ward. We are also planning more digital-only features, such as interactive practice exams for Urology: the last review.

Do I have to pay again when a new edition of a book is released?

No. As long as your subscription is active, all books you unlocked will be available. Urology: the last review, the only book available at the moment, is always included with your subscription.

Are there PDF/ePub versions?

No. We spend considerable time optimising our paper books for a great reading experience: the fonts, colors, QR codes, even the spacing between lines — they only make sense if you lay out a book on the table in front of you, not on a screen. Thus, instead of releasing PDFs, we create optimised digital versions of our books to really take advantage of the digital medium. Additionally, the app lets us deliver always up-to-date content e.g. if you subscribe in January, but we update your books in March, you instantly get the new version without additional costs ✨

Why a subscription, instead of a one-time payment?

We want the content of your digital books to be always up-to-date, and free of errors. This means that, as opposed to paper books which are only released once, we will work daily to improve our digital versions. For this reason, we believe a monthly or yearly subscription is a better way to support us in our mission to create great books and learning tools.

How can I pause my subscription?

Follow the "Manage existing subscription" link in this page to access your dashboard, and cancel your plan. You can renew it later, via the same dashboard.

Can I share my subscription?

The subscription is meant for a single person, but we don't block account-sharing. However, all our funding comes from books and subscriptions, so every sale counts. If you like what we do, the best way to support our mission is with a book purchase, or a subscription.

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